Monday, March 03, 2008

What is WRONG with this country?

Sometimes, no matter how 'Americanized' I've become, I have moments where I realize that my mindset and values still are rooted about 6,000 miles east of here.

Two recent 'polls' have made me want to tear my hair out and wonder how on earth this country ever got to be such a 'super' power.

Fox News

Nearly twice as many Democratic voters think Hillary Clinton is "very qualified" as think her main rival, Barack Obama, is ready for the nation’s top job. (Clinton 37% to Obama's 18%). Yet, they're even in terms of who gets the actual vote.

I don't get it. We want to elect someone unqualified?

The emphasis on personality, charisma, and likeability in the Presidential elections out here is out of control. We vote for Presidents with the same criteria and gravitasse of decision as when we vote for the People's Choice Awards. We would rather elect someone unqualified because we like them, than elect someone into office who we perhaps wouldn't invite over for dinner. It's a popularity contest, which explains how we got George Bush in the first place. Why I'm surprised, I don't know.

Sacramento Business Journal

Through a new bill in the state legislature, California is trying to become the only state in the nation to guarantee paid sick days for all workers. (Shockingly, this isn't already law.)

So, the Sacramento Business Journal started an online poll to find out if employers should be required to offer their employees sick leave.

Here are the results:

  • Yes, because employees, especially lower-income workers, deserve sick time: 34%
  • No, mandatory sick-pay increases the cost for employers and hurts the economy: 58%
  • Not sure: 7%

Okay, maybe it's not the world's most scientific poll, and yes this is a Business Journal, but I was still just taken aback by the results - I seriously thought that the results were going to be the a complete 180 on what they were.

Oh, how naive I can still be at 33. (Is that a rhyme?)

Screw those lazy, sick workers... it'll hurt our bottom-line!

WHERE IS THE COMPASSION PEOPLE? Have we all forgotton how to take care of each other in this world? Is it really every man and woman for themselves?


e said...

Pffft... well, we certainly wouldn't want the poor to get sick days paid, now would we?

Urban Koda said...

Scott Adams (The Dilbert guy) had an interesting take on this...

He noted how everyone claims to have the experience, but then he pointed out that they only have experience in screwing stuff up. While most of the blame currently lies with Bush, he cited the war, the middle east in general, immigration and a host of other domestic issues. If the powers that be knew what they were doing, we wouldn't be facing some of these problems now!

I personally am leaning towards Obama... It was the initial popularity that attracted me (well, that an Obama Girl, but that's another story!!) But I like the approach he takes to a number of issues, and he appears to be willing to talk issues through and consider the opinions of others. I'll of course be looking into this a lot more before November though, and then I guess it really depends on who the actual candidates are...

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