Sunday, March 16, 2008

Speedy Sunday

They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. I much prefer my own version: when life gives you a bum hip, terrorize post-church-going shoppers on an electric shopping cart.

Yes, this is me in Raleys this morning, zooming down the aisles for the weekly shop. The entire outing was wildly entertaining, from the way the cart cornered like a Mini-Cooper on The Italian Job, to the quizzical looks of standing shoppers - yes, people seemed to be wondering whether this laughing, hell-raising, 33 year old, was really immobile enough to warrant hogging an electronic shopping cart from some old granny who probably 'really' needed it. Others, still, looked mildly annoyed as they rounded the corner of an aisle, only to see me blocking the way (and I'm sad to say that I recognized myself in their impatience.) I was even challenged to a race by a similarly spunky middle-aged man on another electronic cart. I declined to rise to his challenge, given my cart was full and his was empty - hardly a fair match-up!

More than anything, however, I realized how self-absorbed the majority of us are while shopping. While I was hypersensitive to rounding corners, making my way around displays, and 'pulling out' into the main shopping lane, most people are so busy on their phones, scolding their kids, or reading the calories on food labels that they don't watch where they're going. They back-up without looking, try to get around you without warning and then tutt when you unknowingly block their way, or park their carts in the middle of the aisle while they silently deliberate the merits of Campbells or Progresso, completely oblivious to you waiting to pass. As I said, I'm ashamed to recognize myself in some of their behaviors, and henceforth intend to be a more considerate grocery shopper.

I also have a new sympathy for those people who have no choice but to use the electronic carts for their shopping and who must shop alone: it left most of the shelves entirely inaccessible either in height and/or depth, the aisles were too narrow to get more than me and one other cart through, there were too many obstacles in the form of inconsiderately placed promotional displays, and there is only one check-out lane wide enough for you to get through. So, for as much fun as it was to zoom around on my electronic cart today, I can imagine the novelty wearing off fairly fast.

Fortunately for me, the Dove anti-perspirant was on one of the bottom shelves.I also had Hubby to help me get to the upper shelves, but most people shopping alone would be forced to decide their weekly menus based almost entirely on accessibility.

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bjh2obury said...

You know most grocery stores will provide you a personal shopper and some will even do your shopping for you...that you can don't have to plan your menu bases on the location of your favorite mac and cheese.

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