Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Seam free and ready for PT

There they are! The triplets.
(Like the little bit of lacey panty peeking in from the side?)
Sorry if you didn't want to see that. This is my blog and, well, I get to decide what's TMI.

This morning I got my stitches out. Not nearly as bad as I thought, although I freaked-out a bit when I saw them just before they were removed - they were much bigger than I thought. Also, the skin was growing over them a bit (a fact which Hubby had failed to mention in his bi-weekly wound checks.) The nurse did the undoing (not the surgeon, so no need for the 10-paces at dusk between Hubby and Dr. Glib) and she was very gentle. Mainly I suffered from squeamishness rather than pain; the feeling of her tugging on the stitches was enough to make me woosey.

Anyway, it's done now and all you people who told me it wasn't going to be a big deal can coo over how "you told me so". Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever.

Aside from the stitches, the surgeon seemed to think I was doing well. My range of motion is pretty good, or at least he seemed impressed. Everything I described to him - the occasional, out-of-nowhere stabbing pains in my thigh, the blood popsicle (yes it's still there), the numbness, and the pinching in my groin - were considered 'normal' or 'expected'. Since different bodies disburse blood differently, it could take as much as 2 months for the popsicle to go away completely. Blech. Ditto for the nerves/numbness. Ugh. Aparently, I can blame the timeline on my genetics. Finally, I get to blame my parents for some of this! I was seriously missing that inner angst.

Also, I got my PT referral. Yeah! I'm so excited. I got exactly what I want (when don't I, right?) - PT 2 weeks after surgery. Everybody told me pre-surgery I was being too impatient, wanting to run before I could walk (quite literally)... well, now's my opportunity to coo and say "I told you so." (Ok, this makes us even.) My first appointment is Monday lunchtime. I can't wait to get this thing on the mend. After Monday, I have the feeling that my range of motion and strength will come along in leaps and bounds. I'm considering Monday as the first day of the rest of my life. Whooooooooeeeeeee!

Other than that, my current status is that I'm walking with a slight limp still (sometimes it's better than others), I've tried driving but it seems to tweak my groin, and I still wake up in the middle of the night with an aching back, wishing I could lay on my side. I'm guessing this is all good practice for being pregnant some day. God help me.

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CGBCYouth said...

Glad to hear the updates. The "can't drive the car" part must drive you completely bananas...

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