Monday, March 24, 2008

Foresthill Easter Egg Hunt

Easter 2008 054

As I previously blogged, yesterday Hubby and I headed up the hill to spend Easter with the family. We had a fabulous time, hunting for Easter Eggs with our niece, Adah, eating yummy honey ham, and playing outside in the beautiful weather. Adah is quite the little girl now, gadding around on her own and learning new words every day.

Hubby busied himself by indulging his inner pyromaniac and threatening to burn down every tree in sight. Fortunately, disaster was averted but we all wound up smelling like smoke.

Easter 2008 069

As for me, hip did GREAT. My leg has felt good enough to walk normally but for some reason it's felt 'longer' than my other one and so I've been sort of hobbling or limping. I've been spending a lot of time focusing on what my left leg is doing that my right is not and trying to emulate that muscle motion. Yesterday I stood in one spot for a while and gradually placed more and more weight on my operated leg. The net result was almost normal walking yesterday. I stood up after a rest on the deck and, wouldn't you know it, walked away and down the stairs almost as if I'd never had an operation at all. COOL BEANS, eh?

For more Easter pics, click here.

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