Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The carrot

I knew that, if I was going to have this surgery, I had to dangle a carrot in front of myself to get through the ordeal. I don't think most of you need 10 guesses to come up with what kind of carrot I've purchased for myself.

That's right, I've booked my first vacation this year.

Hubbie and I are off to Jamaica for the second time in June! It will be approximately 3 months after my surgery, so I should be mostly mobile and pain free and, since we've been there before, I won't have the urge to go exploring the local towns, zooming across canyons held up only by a metal wire, or climbing the face of a waterfall (which I did last time around.) This means both of us can focus on sunning ourselves, floating in the Carribbean Sea, and sampling the bar's signature cocktails. Delicious. We're even staying in the same all inclusive resort we stayed in last time - Couples, Negril. It's 100% a beach-based relaxation vacation. As the Jamaicans say: "Yeah mon!"


CGBCYouth said...

I thought for sure that carrot would've been that HOT JAMAICAN GUY you're hoping to bump into again, no? This time around, let's hope you remember to snap a picture so we can all have a carrot in front of us to get us through things~~

Mala said... very YOU! :)

e said...

Perfect! I can't wait for the updates on your meteoric recovery and of course your awesome travel posts and pictures!

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