Tuesday, March 11, 2008

T minus 22 and counting

Just 22 hours until my surgery.

I'm due into the hospital to check-in at 11am tomorrow morning and scheduled for surgery at 1pm.

The worst part, prior to that, is the no eating or drinking anything (including, for heavens sake, water) after midnight tonight. What with the nerves, I'll be surprised if I don't throw up pure bile before I get on the operating table. Hubbie and I are going to go to Denny's at 11pm tonight to get something in my stomach as close to the deadline as possible, to try and avoid that situation. Good ole Dennys. At least I'll have the fun of eating whatever I want (hash browns!), knowing that it's going to be 12-24 hours before I probably get to (want to) eat again. It's the small pleasures at this point, you know?

Today was my last morning at the gym. I wonder when the next time I see it will be? E of Gerli Life seemed to get back there at about 6 weeks if I remember rightly. Of course, our paths and timelines will be different, but that puts me at April 22nd-ish for a triumphant return.

Hubbie and I are going to go for a bike ride here in a bit... last one of those for quite some time also.

All these "lasts" are getting pretty depressing... I just want to be out the other side already at this point.

I'll blog again tomorrow before I head out, probably just to take my mind off my dry mouth and growling tummy.

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Urban Koda said...

From the entire Koda Clan in Utah....

Good luck, and all the best for a speedy and complete recovery!

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