Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A bowlful of salt does NOT help the medicine go down

Having completed Cleanse #1 for the intestines a couple of weeks ago, I managed to negotiate a vacation at Disneyland (more on that later) and beach time in Newport without too much deviation from the no-gluten, no-soy diet. Big woops for me.

So what was my treat?

Cleanse #2 for the liver.

Wheeee! These chiropractors really know how to party.

The liver cleanse has a few less dietary limitations, for instance I can eat beans and nuts (although not peanuts) but the main difference is the supplement, Clearvite. With the intestinal cleanse, I had to drink one yucky supplement in the morning and evening, "Repairvite", but with the Clearvite I have to drink it once a day to start, then twice a day, and then up-to three times a day, building up over time. It tastes a lot like a body-building protein powder, if you've ever had anything like that which, once upon-a-time, in a different life, I had my fair share of.

So, all in all, I thought I was heading into pretty much the same thing for round #2.

That was until it got to Day 2 on Tuesday at about 11am, when I started to get this weird, dry sensation in my mouth, coupled with the sense that I had just downed a bowlful of salt. No matter how much I drank, the sensation got worse.

Then, POW, like a sideswipe out of nowhere, I felt like I had got run over by a truck. Exhaustion overtook me, my head started to swim as if doped-up on cold medication, my glands started swelling, and my ears and throat started getting sore. I seriously felt like I was on the front-end of a major head cold but without the mucus.

After consulting with the doc today he confirms that, yes, this is typical for folks at the beginning of the liver cleanse.

All of this was faaabulous timing, since I have had 7 hours of meetings in the last two days, meetings where I had to get into the office and talk-talk-talk. By the time 2pm rolled around today, I was spent and had to take a couple of hours off. I literally felt like I could not hold my head up on my shoulders and every time I tried to sit at the computer, I felt so heavy I thought I would fall off my seat like a sack of potatoes.

Right now I don't feel an awful lot better. I'm propped up in bed with my laptop, trying to catch up on emails, having absolved myself of mothering responsibilities for the evening.

The doc suggested that the cleanse is making me pay for the sins of my youth. Yikes, this could take a while.
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