Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Unexpected social night

I just got a call from my friend, Joe, who has an extra ticket to Stars on Ice tonight. He very kindly invited me to join him and his friends. Yaaay! I'm so excited because I love ice skating and hardly ever get to go to these things.

This unexpected outing has the added benefit of distracting me from the Primary Results. I have promised myself not to listen to any news or results until tomorrow morning. Much better to be hit with the complete set of good or bad news in one foul swoop rather than riding the media roller-coaster ride of moment-to-moment score-cards by state. I did it for New Hampshire and I have to say it was worse that watching a sporting event for your favorite team.

I have heard Obama won Georgia almost 2-1, though...

Gotta whip-snap to it. Have to be dressed and outta here in an hour.

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