Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Getting closer to a date

I called the surgeon again today. It's been 2 weeks since my 'light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel' conversation with him, where he told me on a Thursday that someone would call me the following Monday to schedule a date for my procedure. The light has been getting smaller ever since.

2 phone-calls to his scheduler ago (Wednesday of last week) I was told he hadn't handed the scheduling paperwork in yet. She asked me when I would be available for the surgery so she could make some notes on my file. I said "Now! I'll get in the car right now if you want me to." The nice scheduling lady, Christie, said she was printing up my file, attaching a scheduling sheet on top of it, and putting it in his inbox as a 'subtle' reminder. Cool, my kind of chick.

Still, it got to Friday of last week and nothing. I called again, leaving poor Christie a message, bemoaning about how my life was literally 'up in the air', 'on hold', 'on-pause', without a surgery date. I'm sure she's heard it all before (and more) - I even acknowledged that on my message -but I guess it doesn't hurt to try for the sympathy vote, especially when you're on the verge of getting the 'impatient and annoying' vote.

When this morning rolled around and yet again I found myself reading jealously about the progressive recovery of 'e' of Gerli Life fame (who recently had exactly the same surgery done), my frustration was bordering on tear-inucing. So, as we know already, I called again.

Still no paperwork! WTF!? This was presented as practically a 'done deal' 2 weeks ago.

Christie tried to put me through to the surgeon's nurse to find out what the hold-up was but she didn't pick up. Then, bless her, she got out of her chair, marched back to the doctor's rooms and found Mr. Surgeon himself. She asked him if there was a reason why she didn't have my paperwork yet. His answer? He hadn't filled it out yet. OMG! Again, WTF? You've got to be kidding me. I've been waiting 2 weeks for him to put pen to paper?

And so she put the paperwork in his hand, he promised to fill it out, and she promised to call me soon with a date.

Not so quick! said I. How long will this process take? We've already established that I'm an impatient patient (an oxymoronic phrase if ever I heard one) and so I'd like to avoid calling you twenty times and driving you mad. Can you give me a timeline?

Friday, she said.

I'll call on Monday.

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e said...

I hate to say it, but the squeaky (sqwawky?) wheel gets the grease.

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