Saturday, February 23, 2008

"I should be able to leave things on the side!"

These were the words out of Hubbbie's mouth after Maggie devoured a Cadbury's chocolate egg, stolen off the top of our 3ft high book case.

Now, I think it was one chocolate egg - who knows, it could have been ten. I had just got back from Starbucks and Hubbie was up in the shower, leaving the dogs unsupervised in the family room with an open packet of chocolate eggs teasing them, just a nose-sniff away.

As of right now, Maggie doesn't seem to be displaying any strange behavior that might indicate that she is about to go into a mouth-frothing seizure as a result of chocolate toxicity.... but then, it's Maggie, so how would you tell?

More to the point, however, episodes like this make me shake my head for poor Hubbie - and there have been a few of these episodes in our relationship. For instance, the time he left his bacon double cheeseburger and fries on the outside table, in the company of Frankie (my other dog) while he went outside to his car to get his soda. Of course, when he got back, said delish burger was inside Frankie's thankful tummy.

Poor Hubbie - if we ever have kids it's going to be a whole new world for him. Can you imagine him trying to use the same expression - I should be able to leave things on the side - after our child has permanent markered stick figures all over the living room wall?

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CGBCYouth said...

Permenate markers are the least of your worries. Tell him that thinking needs to change, right now!

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