Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Destructojaws strikes again

I just purchased a very fancy Tablet Mouse, you know the kind with the pen so you can actually "draw" on your computer (not literally, of course.)

This afternoon my dog, Maggie, ate it. Literally. All that was left was a sliver of plastic and the AA battery.

I'm leaving her out for the racoons and coyotes tonight.


e said...

HAHAHA! Ok, you win. My cat only opens drawers and leaves socks all over my place.

caw said...

lolol, nice comment tag, above :)

hey, you can leave maggie with us anytime! do you think one day you'll come home home to find she has eaten your entire house? LOL. the royal we are very good dogsitters and friendlier than racoons and coyotes LOLOLOL

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