Monday, February 25, 2008

Oscar Dress Picks

For the first time in a long time, I hadn't seen a majority of the Oscar movies this year. Therefore, I'm unable to rejoyce or rant about the various merits of the winners. So, all that's left is to congratulate or criticize all the size 2 women dressed in frocks that probably cost more than I make in a year...


It's a tie between Kerri Russell and Cate Blanchett for moi. Kerri Russel looked beautiful in a pearl-colored dress with clean lines and a simple up-do. And Cate Blanchet managed to look radiant and unique despite being ready to pop!

I also give props to Heidi Klum (dramatic Hollywood goddess) and Hillary Swank (doing simple right.)


The entire Day-Lewis clan. Oh dearie me! From head-to-toe, a complete disaster. Thank goodness he picked a profession where he spends most of his time being dressed by professionals.

Diablo Cody, writer of Juno. It looks a little... edgy... here but when she walked up on stage to receive her Oscar for best original screenplay, the whole thing unwrapped from her legs, almost all the way up to her groin, forcing her to clamp it shut as she walked. It made her look very uncomfortable and awkward. Form and function, dearie.

Most Disappointing Award goes to George Clooney's girlfriend, Sarah Larson, who looked like she pulled down her mother's curtains at the last minute. Oh dear, Sarah. You are beautiful but if you're going to be on the arm of that delicious man, you're just going to have to do better!

Also in the Worst Dressed camp was Cameron Diaz (messy), and Tilda Swinton (oh-so-out-there and not a good rep for the Brits).

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e said...

I'm with you on the Cameron Diaz dress being hideous. Tilda was just odd.

Gen McNulty said...

What does Tilda have against makeup??? She looks like she might be ill! Okay, that was mean .. but I said it!

Just stopping in to say "hi" and avoid the dishes!


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