Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Things

To counteract the bitching, negative me of the previous post I wanted to share two things that tickled my happy or funny bone today.

1) I think I have secured a MASSIVE client at work that will generate almost $100,000 in annual revenue and put a little bit of change in my pocket too. I still need to draw up the contract (and Lord knows I've been caught counting my chickens before they've hatched before) but it looks 99% positive. All I have to say is WOOHOO!

2) I got an emai from Howard Dean of the DNC today (yeah, he emails me all the time for my advice; I'm so the political guru). The email was targeted toward starting the attack campaign against the Republican's presumptive nominee, John McCain. Here is an excerpt that just really tickled my funny bone.

Don't be fooled, John McCain isn't a "maverick" at all. He's loved by the media, but he'll be a disaster for our country.He's been a vocal supporter of George Bush's strategy in Iraq, and he's said that he wants to be there for another hundred years. He's committed to appointing judges who will overturn Roe v. Wade and privatizing Social Security. And he's admitted that he doesn't understand the economy, which would leave millions of Americans struggling to make ends meet.

He's so bad that U.S. News and World Report recently revealed that the White House is thrilled to have John McCain picking up where they're leaving off...

He's so bad, he's almost BUSH people!!!!!

Never was a more unifying battle cry uttered to a group of liberals.

Okay, so this wasn't such a 'happy thing' if you're one of the four remaining Bush fans in the country, but it sure gave this little Dem a giggle.

As a footnote: I actually have a lot of respect for McCain. I agree with him on next-to nothing but he seems the kind of guy who doesn't create his positions based upon the diretion of the political wind. When he believes in something he seems to stand up for it and passionately defend it. Imminently better than Mr. Slimball himself, Romney, and unlike Huckabee it seems he actually has knowledge of something other than the Bible. (Did you hear the speech where Huckabee claimed that Pakistan had a border with the U.S.?)

Of course, the fact (as a Democrat) that I like McCain, is exactly his problem. Oh well, I guess all the conservatives will just have to stay home. Shame.

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caw said...

Good post. I like McCain too but am bothered that he has been endorsed by the Old Dark Lord (GB, Snr.) Where are my Demo values now? Sigh. LOL.

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