Thursday, February 22, 2007

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Well, the honeymoon was short-lived. The leading Democratic presidential contenders are already trading insults and accusations. I mean, really, what took them so long to start the in-fighting???

For those of you not following the latest dem news with baited breath (which could be any of you out there with a life), music and film producer David Geffen recently signed-on to the Obama campaign with a big fat contribution and promptly turned around to call the Clintons scary-good liars. Hillary's aids, aghast, called for Obama to apologize (um, huh?) and return the money Geffen donated, which he refused to do, taking the check with a wink and a smile. He promptly followed-up with a statement that called the Clintons hypocrites, since Geffen was a one-time contributer to Bill's campaign and aparently stayed in the Lincoln bedroom during the Clinton's stint in the Whitehouse. Hot on the heels of this debacle, Governer Bill Richardson ambulance-chased the issue and also called for Obama to apologize for Geffen's remarks.

Anyone with a brain knows that Obama isn't going to, nor should he, apologize for somebody else's remarks; unless, of course, Geffen says that "Barack told me to say it," which is unlikely to happen anytime soon. So, what Hillary's camp is up to is anyone's guess.

Here's what I think (the fact that I have an opinion should come as no shock to you). Of course, Hillary and Bill have lied (find me a human-being who hasn't, especially one in power) and I'm sure that Geffen knows a little something or other, or can make a decent guess. If Hillary's camp go back to Geffen to ask for an apology, the context would need to be 'Apologize, or prove it!' Which, presuming I'm right, would dare him to reveal whatever he supposedly knows. However, Hillary can't just IGNORE the remarks - someone calls you a liar, you gotta respond or admit, through silence, that they're telling the truth. So they ask Barack to apologize, which he won't and shouldn't, thus shifting the focus off of Geffen and onto Barack.

Where does this leave our favorite dems, then? Let's examine. Hillary looks uncharitable in asking Barack to apologize and give up the dough and Barack is now closely associated with those "Hollywood Liberals". With a bit of luck for the rednecks, the chick and the black man will engage in a cat-fight and cancel each other out. Meanwhile let's not forget that Edwards has already done that to himself by saying that he'll raise taxes. All of which may leave the field clear for a nice, safe, white man to come from behind. Maybe we should be looking at who Geffen hasn't given money to, rather than who he has! Richardson or Biden for President, anyone?

All this and we're still months away from the PRIMARIES! The Republican contenders have so far been pretty low-profile, suspiciously so. Perhaps they know that if they run-out all their headline-grabbing stunts now, they'll have nothing left to keep them in the press later, when it really matters.

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