Monday, February 26, 2007

Oscar Results and the Schizophrenic Scales

OSCAR RESULTS: I got 13 out of the 25 categories correct this year, matching my personal best AND tying with my ex-husband who lives and breathes films and lives in SoCal. So much for Hollywood knowledge!

On another note ... I think my gym is trying to mess with my head. Each week I try to weigh myself on the scales in the women's changing room and each week I seem to have gained or lost a terrific amount of weight. One week I'm 145lbs, another week I'm 136lbs. While I'd like to believe the latter, I'm not sure either is correct. I think it could be a conspiracy to keep me coming back to the gym. One week I'm completely motivated by my huge weight-loss and the next I'm hitting the treadmill with renewed gusto because I put on 10lbs. While this seems like a pretty harmless tactic for someone like me who's at the point in my life where I'm done obsessing about how much I weigh, there are plenty of seriously weight-obsessed people out there, to whom this see-saw of gain and loss could result in a psychological injury. So, I shall await the lawsuit from the mother of the bulemic daughter who offed herself as a result of the schizophrenic scales...

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e said...

Mental illness begets mental illness, I guess (referring to the schizophrenic and the bulimic).

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