Saturday, February 24, 2007

Around the world with Lyon

Friday was Lyon's Annual Awards Luncheon at the Sacramento Convention Center. Every year we celebrate the success of our top producing agents by throwing a big party, usually with a fun theme. This year was AROUND THE WORLD WITH LYON. Joe (event God) was the organizer and, as usual, he did a fantastic job. Man, that guy is talented and has a great imagination!

Each sales office was designated a country and they were encouraged to dress up as if they were from that country. Meanwhile all the employees were asked to come as tourists. The foyer was decorated like an airport, with airline staff (HR and Office Support Depts) and a TSA agents (Marketing) directing the agents into the event.

HR at check-in (above)

Marketing making sure that nobody overlooks those security rules (below)

Everyone entered the ballroom, designated as the "Departure Gate" for Lyon air and once inside...

The blue seats were for First Class passengers (the top, top producers).

The event was bittersweet for me as it is my last as a Lyon employee, although as an employee of Trendgraphix I will still get to attend.... although it won't be the same.

As I greeted agents coming into the event, I was reminded - as I always am at these things - that there are a lot of really nice people in this company.; not all agents are pains in the ass and I will miss being in the thick of it as the Marketing Director for all 900+ of them.

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