Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A message from Mum

I tried to post this to your blog, I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I'll keep trying...

Hi Shelly

I enjoy reading all the updates, thought it about time I added a little something.

I hope Mala and Kim are ready for the wonderful roller coaster ride that children take you on. For me after wanting a child for so long, you were a gift which I thank god for every day.

Everyone that knows us is aware that we are very best friends, but not everyone can appreciate as I do just how deep your feelings go for your friends and family. Whilst you do not wear your heart on your sleeve, no one should have any doubt that you care passionately, and would always be there without reservation for us all.

Dad and I watched the wedding Video which was fab, so good in fact dad said he would like to do it all again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We both agree that the wedding was made by the wonderful guests, who were the nicest group of people you could ever wish to spend time with. I know I feel so lucky that your friends have in turn become my friends and I know why you find them so special, because I do to.

I enjoy your company, appreciate your concerns when it appears I may be loosing my marbles and thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping dad and I so involved in your life.

My unwavering aim is to join you in the US, but what everyone over there should be worried about (Is the US ready for this mad Brit!!!)

This is my Mum and me...


Joy said...

I'm all tearing up reading Pauline's post.....ah the depth and warmth of a mother's heart (speaking like a true mother, don't I?)

Mala said...

we are sooooo ready for the mad Brit...ha..ha... can't wait for her to be here and add some madness to our lives as well. :)

e said...

This whole dang thing was started by a bunch of mad Brits, so this would be in keeping, wouldn't it?

Linh said...

Nice to hear from you Pauline! We're always reminded of your love when we see packages...haha... Hope to see you again soon!

Heidi said...

I would LOVE for you to visit and never leave!!! Between the two of us, trouble lies ahead...bwahahahaha

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