Friday, February 16, 2007

Making friends in the online community

What a wonderful thing the internet and blogging thing is.

As a result of reading my random rants, my friend, Julianne (who recently moved to Australia) just connected me to the blog of an Australian friend of hers living right here in Sacramento. It seems that CAW (that's her online pseudonym) and I were karmic twins separated at birth. Among other things, we share our loathing of RBS (aka: Fox News, see prev. post).

Visit her blog at I'm also going to put her in my links over there to the right.

Super cool... my virtual friends are growing!

1 comment:

CAW said...

ooo, crumbs - viz a viz virtual friends - does that mean I am growing in girth? does my bum look big in this text? LOL
loving your blog Ms Brit!

CAW of the Hotel du California

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