Sunday, February 11, 2007

Oh Baby!

Yesterday (Saturday) was Kim's baby-shower. Kim has been my manager at Lyon for four years now and will continue to be in my new role, which I'm really excited about. I'm also really fortunate to consider Kim a good friend.

Anyone who knows Kim knows she has heaps of energy, can talk for hours (I say this as a good thing because she's also v. interesting) is wickedly smart, tirelessly giving of herself and, for the longest time, expressed little interest in having children. Of course her friends (knowing what they do about her), always felt like she was doing a disservice for child-kind. Yet Kim and her husband, Pete's, life was so full already it was hard to see how a baby Prior would fit in the busy career, full social life, and their animals; they have 3 dogs and 2 or 3 cats (I can't remember, it's probably 4 by now).

So, it was actually quite a surprise (a pleasant one albeit) when Kim announced she was expecting, earlier last year. It certainly has been fun sharing the past several months with her. The contrast between how Mala (who had planned her pregnancy for some time) and Kim (who had not) went through their pregnancy, has been fun and interesting and only further highlights to me (oh childless one) that no two pregnancies are alike.

Both physically and emotionally, both Mala and Kim have had a very different nine months. Early on, Mala had it rough with morning sickness and headaches, while Kim for the most part seemed to sail through the physical stuff. On the other hand, Mala seems to have taken the prospect of looming motherhood in her stride, while Kim has spent more time adjusting to the changes that will occur (are occuring) in her life. It's been a priviledge to have been a part of both of their journeys.

So, back to the babyshower... sorry, I'm a sucker for the back-story.

I HAVE to tell you about the food, or I'd have done this post a serious injustice. Paulette Bruce-Miller was the host of the shower. Paulette used to be Lyon's P.R. guru, but long since has become a very close friend of Kim's. Paulette also happens to be a Culinary God - she teaches cooking classes 2x per month in Sacramento (I'll post a link to her website on the right) and is also one of Sacramento Magazine's "Dining Divas" (restaurant critics). So, the shower itself was much anticipated -- the location, a period house in Land Park and the food cooked by a master chef.

Paulette had cooked for 4 days (despite battling the flu) for this event, and it showed. Little finger foods (made from scratch - no ez-bake packets or Safeway food trays here) greeted you everywhere when you arrived, including some absolutely amazing scones (that's a great compliment coming from an English chick).

The highlight of the day, however, was the "brunch" main-course. Kim had described this dish to me the other day at breakfast as the best meal she had ever had, so I was interested to try it. Basically (which is kind of an oxymoron in this case), it was a square of polenta with home-made corned beef hash on top - think big chunky bits of tender meat that melted in your mouth and soft, buttery potato pieces - then with marinara sauce poured on top. I have to say I was a bit weary of the marinara sauce on a breakfast item, but the whole thing was out of this world! I've never seen a room of women devour a plate of high-fat, high-calorie food with such complete and unashamed gusto.

Needless to say, this was the best advertisement Paulette could have done for her cooking classes. Her classes only hold 10 and I think we have an entire class of women now trying to coordinate schedules to attend one very soon - me included.

So, it was a great party and it was wonderful to watch Kim forced into a role of being looked after and pampered, when normally she is the one playing host. It was also a house full of wondeful women. Kim attracts the nicest people, all so different yet all strong, intelligent, fun and engaging in their own way. I admire and learn from each of them every time I have the opportunity to see them. Hudson West (that's their baby's name) is sure going to be one lucky, pampered little boy!

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