Friday, February 02, 2007

I work in a cool place

The company I work for, Lyon Real Estate, is a great place to work. It has its ups and downs, and its proverbial "bag of poo" as do all companies, but it's full of hard-working, dedicated, and generally fun people. Every 1st Friday of the month, everyone in the corporate office gets together to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. Our Event Director, Joe (who also was the coordinator God at my wedding), puts on some kind of fun activity that encourages team spirit and purchases a cake to ensure that we're all suitably jazzed up on sugar.

The above is a photo from this month's Fun Friday, where we got to learn the ancient art of... balloon twisting!
Below is me and Barbara Bryant (our VP of Finance) attempting to make a yellow and purple "dog". Next to my mum, Barbara is about the most fun accountant I have ever met. Like me, she enjoys traveling, and she has my crazy sense of humor!

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Joy said...

Crazy is the right word...

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