Thursday, February 01, 2007

Are they CRAZY?

Ok, so I HAD to check it out. How are all these new paper-crazed people organizing themselves?

I visited one of the links included in the article - for Here is a list of things they suggest you purchase in order to satisfy your need for a retro-planner (my name, not theirs):

  • A planner, as mentioned above, unless you want a Hipster PDA. Then all you need is a $0.15 binder clip.
  • Paper of the right type. That means the correct size and stock. For stock, if you're using a Hipster PDA, I'd recommend 90-110 lb card stock; if you're using anything else, I'd suggest bright white (94 and higher) 24 lb stock.
  • A guillotine (a.k.a, "paper trimmer"). Only needed if you need to chop paper yourself. Can be found for about $20 USD, but a little investment goes a long way towards ease of use and the quality of the cut.
  • A hole punch, if you're using anything besides a Hipster PDA.
  • A pen. Some people use expensive fountain pens and other extravagant writing utensils. I use a Pilot G2 0.5. Writes smooth and flawlessly, and only costs $1.50 USD. (I can still lust after Fisher Space Pens, though.)
  • Access to a computer and printer. Any semi-modern (read: less than about 8 years old) Windows, Mac or Linux machine will do, as long as it can run Adobe Acrobat Reader.

A guillotine and a hole punch? You mean, these people are actually cutting the paper TO SIZE and then hole punching it manually? Sure enough, see their demo online at the bottom of this page.

So, how exactly does this save me time? I have to download their templates, customize them on my computer (isn't it a bit disingenuous to renounce technology as merely getting in the way of your life, but then use a PC to facilitate it?), print them out (whoever has owned a printer knows it aint that simple), cut them to size, hole-punch them, put them in my planner thing and then (and only then) can I use my pen (!) to start writing.

I am completely FLOORED. I was so expecting a wide variety of cool, custom, planners with pre-printed, pick-and-choose pages for $99.99 each. I was almost ready to say phooey to the SmartPhone. But seriously, they have to be kidding. This isn't cool, this is crafts. The only thing cutting edge about it is the guillotine.

I may have lost some of my edge, but I'm pleased to learn that I haven't lost my common sense!

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e said...

You know I see attorneys do this all the time. It doesn't seem that convenient. They have their calendar on their computer, and then they print out the pages and carry those around. They scribble on the pages, then update the computer when they get back to their office and reprint. Me, I just use a paper calendar to begin with, and use my phone to make calls. Basic, but very efficient.

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