Sunday, February 11, 2007


Lunch at my mother-in-law, Rosie's, house today up in Foresthill. Got to see my 5-month old niece, Adah (also known to us as Potatah or Tatah). I'm very lucky since I love Joss' family. They're honest, smart and good company. My sister-in-law, Farrah, and her husband Alex are pictured above along with Rosie and their dog Ajah (said Asia) on a brief walk down the street.
Ate way too much for the second day in a row - this time spaghetti and hand-made meatballs, plus Italian sausage... then a belated birthday cake. Sigh... so much for the diet.


The Husband said...

Someone looks very happy to be holding a baby in this picture. Tatah, tatah, tatah!!!

Farrah Ting said...

Wow! Adah's first Internet post! Thanks Aunt Shelly!

Linh said...
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Linh said...

Someone can look HAPPIER holding her own baby! Tatah is adorable! Hope she gets lots of lucky money this weekend. Good way to start that college fund.g

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