Monday, February 05, 2007

Stop it!

The president of the company I work for encourages us managers to create a "Stop Doing List". The goal being to stop doing unecessary "tasks" and start creating time to strategize at a higher level or focus on the things that bring maximum impact to the company. Yet, after something Joss said to me yesterday, it occurred to me that I need a personal Stop Doing list. A list that reminds me to stop sweating the small stuff and focus my time and energy on things that really matter.

So, for Joss, here's my first STOP DOING item:

  • Stop criticizing my husband about stupid little things that don't matter.

...and because I'm a positive kind of person, I think every Stop Doing item should have a corresponding instead do more of...

  • Instead, give him more back rubs, kisses and hugs.

Of course, he's going to be mortified that I put this on my blog (thankfully one of us is concerned about what others think of us - unfortunately its not me! Sorry, babe) but something isn't "real" to me until it's written down.

I don't know when I became such a picky, intolerant person, but it certainly wasn' t me 10 years ago and I don't like it. Henceforth, I shall STOP IT! (Or as my Dad would say "Pack it in!")

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