Thursday, February 15, 2007

More notes from the treadmill on pansy journalism

Fox News is hilarious. Have you ever watched it? It should be named RBS - Republican Broadcasting System. This morning on the treadmill, I watched with much amusement as Geraldo Rivera stood before a group of stoic looking marines and talked about how great everything was going in Baghdad since the start of the new US/Iraqi joint offensive "Operation Law and Order". His measuring stick for this breaking news was the fact that no US military personnel had been killed in a whole three days in Baghdad. A whole three days - WOW. Well, I guess it must be working then.

GERALDO: "And so the news from Iraq is that the new offensive will succeed in stamping out sectarian violence - the politicians in Washington just need to give it a chance."

Gee, thanks Geraldo for that fair and balanced report. What would we do without quality journalists like you?

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e said...

It would be purely funny, were it not for the 3,000+ troops we have lost, not to mention the tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians. I love the picture, by the way. And I subscribed to your blog.

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