Thursday, February 22, 2007

Support the ex!

My ex-husband you may or may not know is an independent film-maker and screenwriter. He has been working on his own, self-financed short feature for a year or two now (his second) and he just submitted it for consideration on a reality TV show that Fox has picked up called “On the Lot”.

Here is the link to the trailer for his film (the actual short is still in the final stages of post-production). If you have time, please log-in and vote (all 5 stars!) for his film. It may help him to get featured on the show.

I know it’s a strange request, but we’re still good friends so I appreciate your help. Feel free to forward to friends!

1 comment:

CAW said...

This film is very clever - and true in the sense that all things are possible. We can invent whatever we want, whenever we want it. The open ending is a curious tool which gets one thinking "Where to from here? How long is this piece of string and where will it go if I pull it?"

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