Monday, June 02, 2008

Snot fun... but it soon will be!

Last week SUCKED. I was sooooo sick. I didn't know one head could hold that much snot. I went from a head so packed-up that water leaked constantly out of my eyes and nostrils, to the now globules of gunk that continue to make me giddy when I blow my nose. While I thought I was starting to come through it on Tuesday, I went rapidly downhill on Wednesday when I was essentially catatonic: I actually layed on the bed (something I never usually do, even when sick) for a whole hour without sleeping or moving, staring out the patio window. I don't think I had a single cognitive thought that whole time. There was so much goop dripping out of me, a regular box of tissues just didn't cut it. Instead I had to resort to carrying around a toilet roll and a plastic baggie, the latter for immediate and sanitary disposal of snotty tissues. I think I actually went through 3 toilet rolls last week

Still yesterday, 8 days after I first got this thing, I drove up the hill with Hubby to see his mom and the elevation change played such havoc with my ears that they popped and whined like a frying pan full of Bubble & Squeak.

So, overall: BLECH

In other news, the Gluten Free diet thing is going well. Hubby and I are discovering the secret life of packaged foods, with the result being that things we didn't think would be gluten free are, and visa versa. We've also come to recognize that this is actually quite a common issue and one that many restaurants are well equipped to deal with. At first, after reading some of the literature online. we thought we'd have to grow our own vegetables and slaughter our own cows for the rest of our life. Then we found that there are actually some well-known restaurants that not only accomodate gluten-free guests, but actually provide special menus for them. A few of note are P.F. Changs, Outback, and Chipotle. We've also upped the percentage of our groceries we purchase at Trader Joes, which has an entire 6-page PDF on their website listing all the items in their store that are gluten free. Since I already love TJs and their food tends to be cheaper than the regular grocery store, this is a win-win all around.

Hubby seems to feel that the diet is helping his digestion and, while I'm not feeling any immediate benefit, I'm not all that bothered by sticking to it. Although, I've got to say, when I was sick I could have MURDERED simple piece of wheat toast with butter. But I did not give in. Nope. Will-power won out. Actually, I could still murder a piece of wheat toast with butter, which is funny because I never ate that much bread before. It's that stupid reticular activator, I guess

Finally, this is our last work week before we head off to Jamaica - yes, the carrot at the end of the stick I offered myself, in exchange for having my hip operation. We leave on Saturday night to take a red-eye out of L.A. and arrive in Montego Bay late morning on Sunday. Then it's a one hour bus ride to Negril, the "Capital of Cool". Despite being several pounds heavier that I would like to be to don a bathing suit, I just can't wait to slip on my tankini and wade out into the clear, warm Caribbean. This will be our second time in Jamaica and our second time at the Couples Resort. Since I generally view repeat visits as a waste of valuable traveling time, you can guess just how much we loved it last time.

Sun, sand, pina coladas, and reggae... utter paradise.

Me floating in the Caribbean in December of 2005. Soon to be repeated!


Mala said...

Gosh, I'm so jealous! Have a fabulous time and drink some for me.

e said...

How fun!! Take pictures, have fun, relax. The sun will do you good. I'm in your camp, no real vices (not even coffee anymore!!), so I think a little bit of a tan is just the ticket. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Linh and Yogi said...

we're very jealous but it's great you two get to go on a nice vacation we all can use every now and then, especially after what you've been through lately.

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