Sunday, June 08, 2008

Back on track

Now in Charlotte, waiting to board our flight to Montego Bay.

Despite leaving almost 90 minutes later than schedule from LAX (an eye-crossing 12 midnight departure) we arrived into Charlotte only 30 minutes late... ironically early enough to have made our original flight at 7:50am. Undeterred, we immediately found a US Airways supervisor, told them our plight, and managed to get the Special Services desk to get us on the 9:35am flight. We're still not entirely sure if our bags will make it - that's a big "fingers crossed" - but we physically watched the guy transmit the message to the baggage handlers to re-route our bags - the rest is in the hands of a higher power (or more specifically Carlos in baggage supervision).

Charlotte airport is nice -new, bright, airy and modern - but there is an abnormally large concentration of Starbucks - literally 2-3 in every terminal and at least one inbetween. We had to walk from terminal B to D and must have seen 6 along the way. Even for the average U.S. airport, that's overkill. You literally could have bought an espresso shot at one and downed it in time to get another at the next location. You'd be zizzing from head-to-toe with a killer caffeine high, but it's definitely doable. Nuts.

Anyway, our plane isn't far off boarding (yay, no 4 hour layover) so I'm going to sign-off. Gotta love this free airport wi-fi...

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