Monday, June 23, 2008

That Irie feeling is back -- somewhat

Finally, I have all my Jamaica photos uploaded to Flickr.

For those of you who got a direct email from me several days ago, you'll know that I had some problems with my external hard drive on which I store all my photos (4+ years worth). At some point in the downloading/uploading process last week, the thing just died on me. After several frustrating hours of phone-calls and restarts, I gave up on the thing and resigned myself to $500+ of data-recovery charges to get back all those photos, including some of the ones from this recent trip that hadn't made it up to Flickr yet.

Well, today I got a hair up my ass and decided to plug the thing back in again. Yippppeeee, is all I can say. It just started up as normal. Just like that. Weird, yet wonderful. So, I was able to upload the 20 or so additional photos that didn't originally make their way to the net.

Below, for your viewing pleasure, are those photos in all their glory. Because there are so many of them, they are in no particular order but that seems to work for this trip. Every third photo is a sunset or beach pic and that really sums up our vacation - lounging around on floaties, marveling at the clear, warm, Caribbean. Of course there was some adventuring for good measure - ATV'ing and Kayaking - but for the most part this is what we went there to do, and this is what we darn well did.

Click here for Jamaica photos

So, about as irie as one can get, given that we're no longer on that beach and it's 105 degrees here in Sacraghetto.

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Mala said...

Beautiful pictures.

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