Sunday, June 22, 2008

It's Sunday

... and time to share a story I read in the Sacramento Bee this morning that really touched me: Foster son - and maybe President one day.

I can't even imagine what kind of courage it took for this 14 year old boy to run out of his family home in the middle of the night, or what depth of horrors he had been subjected to in order to make that seem like the most viable option. And then there is the Vice Principal of the school who took enough time to care...

With all the bad/sad/frustrating stories in this world, it's good for your heart to read the odd one like this once in a while. It also pulls you up a bit and makes you wonder: what difference could we make in this world if we all took the time to care about a stranger? I've already made a small stride in this direction recently, and I'll share more in a future post.

Enjoy your Sunday and, if you're in Sac, stay cool! It's baking out there!

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