Sunday, June 15, 2008


Ok, it's not a word - I made it up. It means "not irie". (See previous post titled "Irie").

We're finally back home, it's about 4:30pm and we've come down from our vacation high with a thud.

First, Maggie destructo-jaws has eaten away a good 3" area of the carpet in the family room.

Second, and more disturbingly, my elder dog, Frankie, appears to have developed a large growth around the left-hand side of his rib cage. When I say large, I mean large enough to see the protrusion when you look at him - probably 2.5" long and 1" high. It's not surface level, so it's different from the allergic, skin cysts that he has had elsewhere in the past. It seems firm, although not solid, and attached on the inside, not to the skin. He definitely didn't have it before we left because we'd just got him groomed before we took off on vacation.

So, something new to worry about until we can rush him into the vet tomorrow morning...

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