Thursday, June 05, 2008

Friends make the world go round

This evening I finally connected with a girlfriend I haven't spoken to in months. But still, despite the 500 miles between us and the months of silence, it was like we'd just chatted yesterday.

I left the call feeling energized, young, and happy. Despite the fact that this particular girlfriend is someone that I speak to less than casual acquaintances, I was reminded of the many reasons why she still remains my best friend.

Unfiltered, unabridged, non-judgmental... that's the definition of a true "girlfriend chat". The kind of friendship where you could call and say "I just murdered someone," and she would say "NO WAY! You have to tell me everything!".

It just made me realize how, when you've got a true friend, it doesn't matter what separates you, the things that keep you together are much stronger and more enduring.

I don't have many of these relationships, in fact I could count the ones I have on one hand, but I treasure the ones I do.

Thanks girls... and thanks to this particular girl... you know who you are and I love ya!


e said...

Yay for friends like that. I'm so glad you got to chat with her. Isn't it amazing how you can not talk to a close friend for years and years and then it's just like not time has passed when you next talk to them?

Mala said...

Friends like this are rare and they are a treasure. I'm fortunate I have a few.

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