Sunday, June 15, 2008

Delayed AGAIN.

By the time this week is over, we will have taken a total of 6 flights, 50% of which will have been delayed by 60 minutes or more.

Yes, we are delayed AGAIN.

We're sitting at John Wayne Airport, Orange County, right now and frequenting the Oasis bar/restaurant because we're bored and need to waste time. No doubt the concessions and restaurants in airports are just GIDDY at the increased frequency of delays these days - they MAKE OUT. Instead of a soda from McDonalds, we've purchased two glasses of wine, a coke, and some Parmesan potato chips (aka: heart-attack on a plate.) Our total in-airport expenditure has risen from $1.50 to $15 as a result of our 60 minute delay.

Hubby wants to rage against the machine and give the airlines (all of 'em) "what for" but, while I agree that it's just bullshit (sorry Mum, there's no other word for it), I also know that they have all the leverage and we, as mere paying travelers, have little-to-none. The only thing that can be achieved by complaining is the loss of any remaining "vacation spirit" and a higher heart rate. They've got my money and my time; I think I'm done giving up anything else of value.

Even so, I reiterate my distaste for the direction that airline travel is heading and I know I'm not the only one based upon response to my previous post. But it gets worse. Right after my last post from Charlotte, I read a USA Today article that told me that US Airlines has announced even more fees - fees for the first bag as well as the second, fees for a soda or cup of coffee, and also (which ticks me off no end) fees to redeem your frequent flyer miles. Are you kidding me? You want to charge me to redeem the miles I loyally gained from traveling with your airline consistently, and then, when I get on the plane, you want to charge me $1.50 for a cup of luke-warm, gnat-piss coffee?

But what do you do? If you need to travel you need an airline and short of becoming a multi-millionaire with my own private jet overnight, I'm not sure what else there is to do but "suck it up."

Until Sacraghetto...

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caw said...

Ungh. Airports suck. But you know, that's a lot of plane to suck up - let alone an entire city (aka Sac) LOL xxxxx I'm glad you both got back in one piece.

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