Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Uppers and Downers

No, this is not a post about Amy Winehouse. It's a post about my morning so far.


During my Bryan Kest Power Yoga workout this morning, I finally achieved the 'contortionist pose' (my name, not theirs) on my right side (the side with my bum hip.) In order to contortion oneself into the contortionist pose, one must lunge on your right leg, leaving your left foot at 90 degrees to your right, then lean over on the bent leg, pass your right arm under your knee, around your thigh, and bring your right arm/hand around to meet it. Desperately grasp fingers and.... voila! You are a contortionist. This is the first time I've been able to do this pre- or post-surgery, so it was quite an achievement. I attribute it mostly to upper-body flexibility, however, since it's openness through your chest/shoulders that really helps you make it happen.


The external hard drive did not miraculously repair itself as a result of it's little weekend vacation. After starting enough yesterday in order for me to access some Jamaica pics, it promptly froze again. Further research online revealed a chronic problem with this brand and, unfortunately, the workaround/fix is going to be mind-numbingly time consuming. I need to get all my files off of there (all 21GB of them), onto another storage device, and then I need to reformat the drive, remove the access application that came with it on all the computers that access it, and then put everything back on again. Given that the darn thing seems to freeze during uploads and downloads, I can tell that this project may take until December and has the potential to ruin just about every evening and weekend between now and then. I tried to move some files last night to an online storage site I was testing but, after 7 hours, it only managed to copy 1/245th of all the files. Yup. This is going to be painful.

If anyone has any recommendations about how to do this more efficiently, please let me know.


e said...

Unfortunately I don't have any useful input, but I would just bite the bullet and pay someone else to do it. I figure my time is more valuable than the $500 I'd save by doing it myself over a few weeks, not the mention the aggravation. However, before you even really consider that, try it out a few times b/c maybe it will work again sporadically and then you can download a whole bunch at once.

e said...

And furthermore, GRRR!

Mala said...

Shomeek gets back from his business trip on Friday. I will ask him to give you a call. He usually knows what to do in these situations.

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