Thursday, June 26, 2008

On Day One

On my blogging travels last night, I found a cool new website called "On Day One". This site provides a forum for mere mortals, like you and I, to post our ideas and thoughts on what we think the next President of the United States should focus on, 'on day one' in the White House.

I guess you don't need 10 guesses to know what I wrote about. Here is my "Day One" first-item-on-the-agenda for President Obama (I hope):

Health care access for everyone should be issue #1. Health care costs are out of control, affecting the bottom line of companies as well as the take-home pay of many Americans. Many insured Americans are chronically underinsured and under constant threat of a critical illness wiping out their assets. The practices of insurers re: who and how they insure, needs reform. My husband was only 30 with
no major illnesses when he was turned down for individual insurance. THE SYSTEM NEEDS CHANGE!

Of course, I would have liked the ability to rant further and elaborate, but you only get so many characters.

Submit your own ideas by clicking here and feel free to share them with me on this blog too - I promise not to critique them, no matter which viewpoint they come from.

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