Sunday, April 01, 2007


I'm obsessed with travel.

After putting down my book about an Australian who moved to Paris, I read the Travel section of the SacBee (which is kind of laughable really... they get as far as Grass Valley most weeks), then proceeded to pick-up my Budget Travel magazine whilst clicking away on TiVo to watch Passport to Europe (my favorite show) and Samantha Brown (I go green with envy at the mention of her name) visiting the Greek Island of Crete.

At the beggining of the show, Samantha does a brief introduction into today's destination and then the theme music kicks in. Right at that moment I look up from Budget Travel and butterflies flitter around my stomach, tears prick my eyes...

I live for my next trip. The culture shock, the smell of a different place, the different food, the different architechture, the sound of a foreign language, the sound of foreign music...

When I think about having children, I think about the prospect of not being able to travel and I consider that perhaps children are over-rated.

Belize can't come soon enough....

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