Friday, April 06, 2007

Freed to be friendly

One of the many benefits of this new job I took on is that I can now explore personal relationships with people I previously worked with - colleagues, peers, subordinates, agents... all of which would have been slightly dicey in my previous position.

Now I find I have an embarassment of riches when it comes to people to socialize with. It's a full-time job just trying to get together with everyone! Don't get me wrong, through, I am NOT COMPLAINING. Just last year I was bitching to Joss that our social circle was more like a pimple on a ducks behind (English expression, sorry).

I'm also saying "yes" more to exploring new relationships with people I meet through other avenues. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that mentally I'm less taxed and emotionally less spent at the end of the day. Working from home a couple of days a week takes the pressure right off and honestly I'm relishing not having to deal with the needs and considerations of 900+ agents, 30+ Managers, and 6 other departments. And while the one thing I really am missing is working with my team in Marketing, I also don't have to spend time coaching or managing anyone. Emotionally, this leaves me with a hole in my week but time-wise it's definitely less of a strain.

The only downside of all this friendliness is that most of it seems to happen over some kind of meal... hence my waistline is suffering. With Belize coming up in just a month or so, I can't afford to go in the opposite direction of my desired beach-bod.

As we head into the Easter weekend, I also have good news to report. We closed the first account that I will get commission from! YAAAY! It's a big franchise in Portland, OR (hence my trip there last week) and it looks like we now have a foot-in to other markets they cover, most specifically Seattle who just got in contact with us. I'm looking forward to seeing my first account through the entire sales cycle; will definitely demystify the process for me.

If I don't post and/or if you don't check in before, HAPPY EASTER!

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e said...

And you catch a lot of flies with honey than with vinegar. A weird expression, b/c who wants to catch flies anyway or ruin the honey with them, but you get the drift.

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