Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Babies babies everwhere!

The cute one above is Hudson West Prior, my boss Kim's 3-week old baby. He's a sturdy little chap, already more than 9lbs, and he has a wonderful temperament. I visited them at lunch today and held him for almost an hour. He was very kind to me and didn't scream bloody murder at the mere sight of me, making me look like a pro with my rocking and bobbing and swaying motions.

So, that was lunchtime. Who did I have for dinner?

Dinner time was a much overdue trip to see my friend, Conor, his wife, Gen, and their 11-month old quads: Molly, Abby, Libby, and Russ. Anyone who hasn't checked out my link to their blog should do so here - it's a heartwarming story and they are two of the most amazing people I know.

We (hubbie and I) got to watch them eat their dinner, or more accurately smash it all over their cute little faces and then take a much-needed bath. With four of them it's a splish-splash assembly line with 3 people on staff. Mom dips them in, cleans all the bits, hands them off to the "dryer" (a friend of the family). The "dryer" whisks said baby out of the bathroom and onto a towel in the hallway where she or he is toweled-off and dressed. Meanwhile, the "prep" person (another family friend) prepares another baby for mom's dipping pleasure. All the while spectators (that would be me), including dad, googoo and gaaagaa at the "spare" or "dry" baby in the hallway.

Then, it's downstairs for playtime, crawling through the baby tunnel, over adults and fellow siblings, clinging to every solid thing in an attempt to stand and then face planting into the floor, closely followed by tears.

I apologize for not having visual aids but I was having so much fun playing with one baby or another that I didn't pause to capture the moment. Again, check-out Conor's blog to see the cuteness first-hand. Here is just one photo I stole from his website...

So, which baby will be my next victim? Adah Tatah. I'll get to see her royal cuteness on Easter Sunday.


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