Monday, April 16, 2007

Bad quiz results

Daily, I have been entering a Travel Channel sweepstakes to win $50,000 to travel the world. After todays entry a pop-up popped-up (as they do) to ask me to take a quiz which would tell me "what sort of traveler" I was.

So these are the questions and my answers:

You've made your way to the great state of Alaska, and the first thing you absolutely must do is:
Head on over to the Salty Dog Saloon in the town of Homer Spit.

A lifelong dream has come true. You just stepped off the plane in Hawaii. Now what?
You're going parasailing over Waikiki Beach, and no one can stop you!

As you step onto the ground in Brazil, your heart is racing with excitement. Your first move is:
Shove off on a boat trip into the Amazon on the Rio Negro River.

Italy has been calling you for years, and you finally answered. Now you can't wait to:
Jump on a horse and ride that baby through Como and into Switzerland!

The movies and TV commercials got you ... You couldn't resist going to Australia. What's next, mate?
Order a Foster's at the Lord Nelson Pub.

You are in humanity's home country, South Africa. What's your first thought?
Got to hit that Mama Africa restaurant for dinner and a drum circle.

You have found the hidden treasure known as Cambodia. The one thing you can't miss is:
The Tomb Raider Temple, a 12th century tribute to the family of the king.

And here is the bizarre evaluation/result:

What kind of traveler are you?You are an aficionado of the finer things in life. To be pampered is to be loved, and you will find the very best luxury treatment in any country you visit.

I give that a big "HUUUH!?" considering I DIDN'T give any of the following available answers:
  • Check into the Alyeska Prince Hotel & Resort in Girdwood.
  • To the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, please!
  • Find a nice, soft bed at the Copacabana Palace Hotel in Rio.
  • Experience some classic Italian opulence at the Hotel Villa D'Este.
  • Look for treasures at Katoomba Antiques.
  • This should be on "Best Places to Find Cash & Treasures" ... for the diamonds!
  • The supreme luxury and intriguing history of Raffles Hotel Le Royal.

Who votes for this quiz being broken???


e said...

I don't think it's broken, a lot of your choices had to do with enjoying the local cuisine. I on the other hand would have picked all the fancy choices that you listed, and they would have said that I'm a spoiled brat.

dee said...

What's with them going all Condo Nast on you? So, would being an aficionado of the finer things in life disqualify you for the $50,000 prize? I must check out this quiz. I'm vegan and draging a trunk full of Luna Bars to every exotic location will certainly have an impact on the words they use to describe the type of traveller they think I am ("wuss" comes to mind).

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