Monday, December 06, 2010

Where is Ms. Ranty Pants?

Oyyy....I can't believe that I have not posted here since Thanksgiving. I was doing so well for a while, keeping this blog updated regularly but then, lately, notsomuch.

In my defense, there have been the three Ss:
  1. Sickness. On-and-off now for the last few weeks I seem to have been fighting one virus or another. Just when I think I've come out the other side of one, another one knocks me right back down on my chubby arse. They've been energy-sapping little suckers too. On Saturday night I went to bed at 8:00pm and slept 11 hours straight. Generally, I've been finding myself devoid of all energy and creativity after Daisy goes down at night. 
  2. Shoots. On Sunday morning I just finished-up the last of my free family photo shoots for 2010, bringing my total since October to 9. The shoots themselves only take up about two hours but the editing is a few nights a week for each one. Plus there's the blog sneak peeks. It takes time. I love it, I'm having fun, but it doesn't leave much creative energy (or hours on the clock) for personal blogging.
  3. Season. Blimey - it's just a couple of weeks away from Christmas! How did this happen? I have no idea. This year has flown by faster than any other in memory. Either way, I am hopelessly behind at card-writing, house decorating, present buying, present wrapping, Santa visiting, general planning, and the like. I am co-hosting a holiday party this Saturday and admit that I haven't even thought about my part in it yet. (Don't worry girls, I'll get it together.)
On top of all of this, work (the one that actually pays) has been busy, and I'm working on some cool business-development projects for Memories by Michelle, for instance, a new more professional-looking website, now that I actually have a portfolio of work to display.

Then there's the small matter of a little 20 month old that demands just a bit of my time here and there...

Put it all together and what do you get? NO BLOG POSTS.

I'm going to try and add little snippets here and there but, just in case I don't live up to my promise, I'm inviting you to visit the blogs of some of my friends (and yes, these are true, off-line friends who blog.) Hopefully they can keep you entertained while I am on a bit of a holiday hiatus. Please give them some blog love.

Otherwise, keep watching Memories by Michelle for more of my photography exploits.

Thanks ya'll!


e said...

I've been following your exploits on FB and on Memories, and I can attest to your business. But this is wonderful because a big reason why you're so busy is that you're pursuing your passion. I get excited just watching you do it, and you inspire me daily. Granted, I'm inspired to do pictorial representations of puby tinsel, BUT WHATEVER DON'T JUDGE ME.

I'll be here when you get back, and meanwhile I follow you wherever I can. Come to think of it, I need to plug your photo stuff more.

Yay, Ms. Pants!

Urban Koda said...

And I was expecting some challenging contest with an obscure picture of you, in "Where is the World is Ms. Ranty Pants?" type thing...

So, so so dissapointed...

Just Kidding though - I think I need to check out "Yes, they're all mine". I suspect her and Mrs Koda may have lots in common.

MsRantyPants Herself said...

@Koda - E needs to draw me something up for that "Where is Ms. Ranty Pants" scenario....

Kimberly {YeP, they are all mine} said...

Thanks for the love ;)

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