Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Random without photos

  • I have my fancy new camera and I am without ideas or weather to put it to good use. It's too dark in the house with this dreary rain and wind to do anything really fun unless I get out the tripod. I just don't have the kind of hands that can hold steady under 1/50th of a second. And the tripod, well, it's a red rag to a bullish 20 month old.
  • I don't have pink-eye again. I thought I did since I was experiencing all the same symptoms - red, puffy, goopy, itchy eyes and a feeling that I had an eyelash stuck in them. To boot my outer ear canal and nasal passages have been itching something rotten. I had to take a Claritin to get to bed last night. So I went to the doc again today. (I'm getting ready for them just to name one of their treatment rooms after me at this point.) He said I don't have pink eye but likely some kind of allergy. Oh sheesh. SOMETHING ELSE? No idea what I'm allegedly allergic to but I was sent off to the store for "Clear Eyes" drops and some antihistamine cream. At this point I'm beginning to wonder if I have M√ľnchhausens.
  • I'm considering a more distinct separation between my personal blog, Facebook, and twitter, and those of memories by michelle. Maybe even making this blog private. As who I am starts to become more of what I do, what I say has the potential to affect my business. I don't like this reality or idea but I also don't like the idea of feeling sensored or self-edited all the time. If I'm going to write, it's got to be real - blood, guts, and all. I just can't do the daily self-motivation thing. Life is not happy and peppy and a bed of roses all the time. I don't like reading those status updates (at least not all the time, when they begin to seem forced) nor reading those types of blogs and so I don't want to write one. But, it poses a problem. You see my problem? Phooey. No good choices here. I love this little place of mine online.
  • I'm slowly getting to look forward to 2011. The second half of this year has been a mixture of joy and pain and it's all sort of coming to end with a quiet sigh. Anyone who knows me well knows that this does not come naturally to me. My instinct is to party through the season balls-out and skid to a halt on Jan 1, feeling totally worn out. So, I'm hoping 2011 brings more of the joy and less of the other crappy stuff. It's odd really that this artificial, annual clean slate we've created actually makes a difference, but it does.
  • Speaking of which: new year's resolutions. I'm going to keep it simple this year. A subject for another post but I have a few things I want to get done in '11. I'm not going crazy, however. I have recently realized that too much planning and list-making literally makes me feel suffocated and induces a mini anxiety attack. What about you?
  • I'm into tea. My friend, CJ, recently made me a cup of chamomile, vanilla, and honey herbal tea along with a spoonful of honey. I usually am not a big fan of herbal tea, being from England where tea comes no other way but with milk and sugar, but this was the right drink at the right time. I bought some and now I'm off to brew a cup. Or, as my little munchkin would say: "Make cuppateeee"

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e said...

When I feel like taking photos but can't think of anything, I take pics of my feet. Pretty soon some more interesting idea presents itself. Tomorrow evening I'm going with a small meetup group to downtown LA to photograph neon lighting. I missed my chance to do the houses all done up for the holidays (I wanted to take a few photos and post them as a holiday greeting and it didn't work out. Too bad so sad.).

Glad you don't have pink eye, sucks you might have allergies. They become more and more common for us city dwellers. Too much crap in the air and our bodies start reacting. Poo.

The thing about the blog - I know what you mean, and I have no advice. I thought about it, too. Because of the job I do, I'm a semi-public official, so I had to choose whether or not to be public with my personal life. I decided to be public with my personal life, I like to share, but not my work life. It could come back to bite me at some point, but so far being authentic has worked out for me. Mostly. When I'm not authentic, that's when it comes back at me. But it's such a personal choice, I wouldn't take my comment to mean anything other than that I understand your concern. And worthwhile blogs are not all peaches and cream, they're human and dirty and messy. After all, we will never be never be anything but loud and nitty gritty little freaks, right?

Re the new years - yeah, you know, your post made me realize that clean slates are almost always made up anyway, declarations out of nothing into the void, so why not the new year. I say yes! New year, new you, the past is in the past, and that's that.

Tea is awesome. That's all.

I can't wait (CANN NNOT WAITT!) to come up with my camera and tripod and traipse around SF.

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