Saturday, December 18, 2010

And my good luck continues...

I love(d) my Motorola Cliq smartphone. It has survived 20 months of a curious baby/infant/todddler, numerous falls, and has almost been lost God knows how many times as a result of my post-pregnancy, lobotomized brain. Unfortunately, its nine lives came to an end this evening as I was picking up my coat to put it in the coat closet. It slipped right out of my pocket and smacked straight down, face first, into the tile floor. The above is the result. It still works fine, bless it, but it's spraying small pieces of glass everywhere whenever it's touched.

Bonus is that we have been paying $6 a month for equipment insurance so I thought that all I would have to do this evening is file a claim online and get a new one shipped to me for next week.

Yeah, well, you know what thought did.

And I should have known better given the kind of week I've been having.

The company that handles the equipment insurance, Asurion, says that the phone model has been discontinued (which it hasn't, they just have a newer version of the same thing out) and will only offer a replacement for what they consider to be a "comparable" model. My choices are a 2nd rate GPS device with built-in phone, called a "Garmin" (I know, WHAT!?) with no slide-out QWERTY keyboard (a must) or a teenager's vanity device, the MyTouch, whose reviews are less than stellar (phone freezes, standby time sucks) etc...

After some research, I chose the MyTouch because the slide-out keyboard is very important and, for the most part (specs like battery standby time and poor reviews aside) it appears as close to my existing phone as possible.

Finishing the claim up online, I am presented with a bill for $130! Yes, the deductible is $130! If it wasn't for the fact that I am only 1/2 way through my 2 year contract with T-Mobile, I would tell them to stuff it and move carriers just to get a better deal. I mean, seriously, you won't offer me the same phone and you still want to charge me $130 for the privilege?

I am soooooooooo pissed.

My only other option is to add another 2 years onto my contract and pay $180 for a new CLIQ and, quite honestly, I have no intention of giving T-Mobile another 24 months of my guaranteed business after this.

This hot on the heels of the urine-smelling-dryer, which had to finally be replaced today before the entire family ran out of clothes or I started tipping my mother for fluff-and-fold service. And of course, at that rate, we decided we should probably just max the credit cards out the whole way and replace the stupid 100DB washing machine that shudders like an old, wooden roller coaster when it spins and still often leaves pools of water in clothes at the end of it's cycle. So, finally, we will have a high-efficiency, (supposedly) quiet washer in mid January. Of course, it's back-ordered. What else would you expect?

Oh, and in other news: I'm losing my voice. I'm down to a croak.

While Hubby may consider this the one positive development in his week, it proved to be very difficult to read the required 3 stories to Daisy this evening before bed. Assuming it's not back by Monday, it will also be really hard to do all those conference calls I rescheduled from Thursday and Friday when I was out sick.

Seriously, can someone blow some happy my way?


e said...

I am blowing you happy, kisses, hugs, good luck, healthy healing vibes, a new phone, and a bunch of $$ your way.

bjh2obury said...

Just a FYI Asurion is the insurance company for all of the major carriers in North America and most of Europe. The deductibles do very through. Verizon's is $100. However, my brother-in-law discovered that Verizon will replace your phone for $50-75 with a refurb if you do not have insurance. Exciting right?!

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