Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Just a small thing

This is something I have been wanting to rant about for some time. I have exactly 20 minutes before I turn from Sales VP into mummy and so I'm going to take five of them to go off.


I get that pretty much every media outlet these days is trying figure out how to synergize it's content across a broad spectrum of media but, the way I see it, you have to find a way that does this that ADDS value to your customer.

It irks me no end when I turn on the morning news only to be greeted by some B-market anchor-person, stumbling over reading the usually ineloquent, mostly unintelligible, and even occasionally irrelevant FB page comments from presumably half-drunk or lobotomized viewers.

IF I WANTED TO READ THE COMMENTS ONLINE, I WOULD BE ONLINE! No, but I am sitting on my couch, watching you on TV and it is not adding anything to my experience to watch you squinting to read something off your Dell laptop - something that I could read for myself, in my own time if I wanted to - when you are instead supposed to be delivering me real content.

Incidentally, as an extension of this, I am detesting the whole "Viewer's Voice" trend on news programs these days. If I wanted the uninformed opinion of the average Joe on the issues of the day, I would ask my friends who are, on average, significantly more intelligent than the 15-minutes-of-fame-hungry folks who have time to comment on a local news Facebook page at 6am. The whole point of watching a news program is to get news and informed opinion from experts or professionals or whatever. I expect to be educated by watching. It's not a town-hall forum, folks, it's the news. You know, where they report... news. And I've got news for you. Your opinion is not news to me.

Yes, a little feisty this afternoon. In my defense, my time is over-committed, I'm stretched too thin, and have been stalked all day by a freaky woman who is trying to get a job with our company. 13 phone calls, folks... 13! Nobody likes a desperate job seeker.


e said...

Wow. Maybe she'll get her FB comment read on TV, asking you for a job. I agree. I don't give a shit what viewers think.

Urban Koda said...

Always nice when you find out that it's not just you!

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