Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tis the Season of stuff to do

  • I have to wrap all this...(Ok, sorry, WE. Hubby will help but it's not like he has a lot more time.)
To be wrappeded

Yes, I'm super organized, can't you tell?

  • I'm definitely not done Christmas shopping either. Totally stumped with some people this year. It's been all about Daisy and, well, everyone else is just now getting seen to.
  • Santa still needs a visit from Daisy (guessing he doesn't want pink-eye?)
  • We have not visited any Christmas lights yet this year. (Rain keeps wrecking our plans.)
  • Christmas cookies (an annual tradition in this house) are a maybe. Unless I can get Daisy involved in a constructive vs. destructive way, I think we'll be buying some at Safeway.
The holidays just aint what they used to be, folks. I liked it much better when I was a kid and things just "happened" around me. These days it's just a long list of more to-dos to add to my list of constantly expanding other to-dos that I never get to.

Somewhere in amongst all of this I have to muster up some Christmas spirit. A bit short on that this year...


Kimberly {YeP, they are all mine} said...

Remember when I said that Christmas is not my favorite holiday? THIS is exactly why ;) Christmas is hard as a parent!!! And expensive!

CGBCYouth said...

1. Like the new design.
2. Wow...that's very organized.
3. It'll get easier in the years to come. Missy will be able to help later, and it'll be much more fun (I keep telling myself that...)
4. Makes us appreciate our parents more. They made them happened...can't be too much easier for them.

Merry Christmas, Ranty Pants', may it be a blessed, peaceful, and HEALTHY one!

e said...

Awesome new design. I know what you mean, though, about it being tough to get the Xmas spirit going. It's such a race to the finish line and doing all the Xmas stuff just adds to the list of things to do. I actually look forward to the week between Xmas and New Year's more now. I get to work from home, no emergencies, no calls, visiting friends.

Though I think when the big day comes, when you get to see it all come together for Ms. Daisy, it will all have been worth it.

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