Thursday, December 09, 2010

SHOW ME THE MONEY! and other afternoon quickies

  • I love/hate contracts. I love the language and the details. I hate it when contract negotiation over terms becomes a legal pissing match. You know, their lawyer says remove this Tort language, our lawyer says keep it in or lose your underpants, that kind of thing. What I would really like to do, if attorney fees weren't so freaking high, was put the two of them in a padded room and tell them not to come out until it was resolved. But then I would need to hope my guy had a good right hook and I confess to having never met him. What I'm trying to say is that what's irritating in all of this is being the go-between. I'm getting all the bad mojo trying to explain why we won't cave and all I really want is the commission. Sadly, the reality is that they retort, I go back to my lawyer, he retorts, I reply to them, their lawyer reviews, I go back to my lawyer... and this all takes WEEKS. Weeks! SHOW ME THE MONEY!
  • Wikileaks. I admit I'm not 100% genned up on the whole thing but I've been paying attention, as much as my overloaded brain will allow right now. Have to say it's pretty flipping eye-opening to find out that your PayPal account won't transfer your photography profits into your bank account because some Wikileaks supporter/hacker is screwing with their system. Also very disturbing given I "safely" store my bank account and credit card information with them. It all seemed a little too easy and I wouldn't mind betting that some folks in those Afghan mountains are currently searching for a satellite hook-up so they can post their ad on Craigslist for an experienced hacker. As for the whole issue of who is American or unAmerican or even American at all... arghhh, it's making my brain hurt (and likely to cause me an aneurysm given my favorite Palin is now weighing in.). Should confidential information be leaked for the "good" of the nation and in defense of the 1st amendment or are we cutting off our nose to spite our face? These are issues far too pressing and involved for someone who is currently stumped just trying to pick out a good pre-school for her soon-to-be 2 year old. These are MY big decisions these days. I don't have time for national security right now. Just get my PayPal account back up and... again SHOW ME THE MONEY!
Oh, and p.s. Yes I do love black people... and lawyers!

p.p.s. Who else doesn't believe a desperate transient killed that Hollywood publicist? The whole thing just reaks of a Hollywood set-up. Can I hear the made for tv movie being green-lighted as we speak?


e said...

I'm kinda with you on WikiLeaks. Fascinating, but really, what was the point? Of course, now that's it's all said and done, it seemed much ado about nothing. But that's because the top secret stuff was not leaked. I thought that was rather good of him, actually.

As for the lawyers - yeah, I know. But just look at the McCourts - one tiny word in a contract and hundreds of millions of dollars hang in the balance. I think these guys have had the shit scared out of them by this case. You do not want to be *that* lawyer.

PS I know you love lawyers. You practically are one yourself.

e said...

PPS Good luck with the pre-school hunt.

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