Friday, December 31, 2010

11 for 11

{in no particular order}

Travel little and often. Short hops with Daisy to refresh the mind and school her in the world around.

Spend money where it matters most

Eat cleaner. Not to lose weight but because it will make me feel better all around.

Stop buying into the premise that, because I'm "getting older" I am naturally more tired or more broken. I'm just more busy!

More one-on-one time with my mum and more time, period, with my Dad

More date nights with the Hubster

Live in the moment. Don't ruin today by holding onto yesterday or worrying about tomorrow. Take each day, week and month as it comes. Some will be good, some will be bad. So what?

Dress for each day as though I were meeting a friend for lunch, even if I'm not going anywhere. {get it together, girl!]

Take a second to tidy-up after yourself, for chrissakes!

Get stronger. Not to lose inches but because stronger is more powerful and resilient and just feels freakin' awesome

Share joy and enthusiasm more than frustration, negativity, and sorrow.
{And by that I don't mean I'm turning this blog into a daily motivational quote.}

You'll notice that my items are pretty open-ended and seem to buck the whole S.M.A.R.T. goal theory. This is intentional. As I think I've shared in a previous post, while specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely goals are often required (for instance, in a professional environment) I find this kind of goal-setting in my personal life to be... restricting, limiting, even a little suffocating.

Also, I look at all of the 11 things above and feel like none of them have an end, meaning they are all things that can continue to be worked on by me forever and above-and-beyond any artificial milestone I set for myself.

Finally, since becoming a mother, I find that my life is at-once more restricted and more fluid than it ever has been before. There are things that are much harder to do (although not impossible) and yet most everything requires being open to constant changes of plan or mindset. It's sometimes a discomforting state of affairs to live with but I love that my daughter keeps me on my toes. 

My point, however, is that making hard personal goals can often be overwhelming at this stage in my life. The disappointment and self-analysis when I don't meet a certain milestone is not something I need. Instead, I would rather focus on this year's 11 as a list of elevated priorities. If I do each one a little more or a little better in 2011, I'll have succeeded.

What are your New Year's resolutions, promises, or priorities?

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my blog followers - the silent as well as the commenters (@e!) - I hope you have something fun to do tonight - whatever than means to you - and I look forward to sharing the next year of adventures with you!

=Ms. Ranty Pants=


e said...

Now, see, you'd think that being singled out would make me step back and be more subtle. NOT!

I love your list. Love it. You're throwing out there the principles you want to live by and then the actions and plans will take shape effortlessly. I particularly like that you're not buying into the whole "I'm getting older therefore slower and more broken" bullshit. With about 60 more years of life ahead of you, do you really want to spend it "getting older"? I mean, sheesh, wait till you're 85, then you get "get old." Or maybe not.

I am convinced that most of our old age ailments are due to poor nutrition and inactivity. But when we just accept it as what is so, then we perpetuate the nonsense. The body does change, it's true, but living a full life at every age differently is a whole nother proposition from just letting oneself slide into the misery of being old.

I have very strong feelings about this.

I'm glad you are with me on this one. It's a revolution, like redefining sexy. Which you are doing also.

MACMD said...

@e - I love ya. The more I know ya, the more I love ya.

e said...

I'm like fungus: I grow on people. ;o)

Kimberly {YeP, they are all mine} said...

Happy New Year!

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