Sunday, September 19, 2010

Something old, something... well, old.

This weekend I made 3 purchases that made me very happy. Part of my happiness is that I only spent $60, total, on these beauties:

A kitchen for Daisy

Purchases ForWeb-1

Yesterday was our big neighborhood garage sale and, as usual, we spent some of our profits before we'd even made them.

It just so happens that, across the street from us lives a little girl who is about three years older than Daisy and who takes very good care of her toys. Each year she sells some of them at the garage sale and recently we have been good customers.

Daisy eyed-up this beauty and threw a "I have to have it" tantrum that we just had to give in to because it was only $30 and it was really cute.

It also had a lovely lot of bags containing all kinds of fake food and play kitchen equipment. Lots of fun to try and clean up at the end of the night. Indeed, if I ever had ANY hope of having a tidy house again, this thing ended that for quite some time.

Purchases ForWeb-2

Purchases ForWeb-3

Am I worried about setting her up for gender stereotypes in the future? Of course. But most parents will understand that, if you can get half an hour of peace out of your munchkin as a result of any toy, you'll tolerate it no matter what.

Having been inspired by some photographers who use some really cool stuff to frame kids and newborns, I had to have these two items today as I was perusing a local Antique Fair.

Better still, the pram was $10 and the rocking chair was $20.

Purchases ForWeb-4

Purchases ForWeb-7

Purchases ForWeb-6

Yes, they're beat-up and close to falling apart but that's exactly what I like about them. I'm thinking of enlisting the help of my mother and her sewing machine, to produce to bright and colorful pillows and quilts for them both. I have a vision. Hopefully you'll see it all come together soon!


e said...

Hah. I just love that parents are basically like, to hell with it, I'm getting 30 minutes of peace and if I have to pay for 10 years of therapy later, it's a good deal. LOVE the pram, and I really like the photo of the detail, beautiful.

Kimberly {Yep, they are all mine} said...

I LOVE the pram. Great find!

If it makes you feel any better, I have yet to meet a boy who doesn't play with toy kitchens. It's a great toy for all :)

Meghan said...

What fab finds! Love the pram...truly one of a kind.

Mala said...

I LOVE the pram!

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