Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Legends in a Sacramento lunchbox

A little thing I didn't tell anyone - Hubby included - is that I recently nominated him for a special feature in a local parenting magazine, Kidaround. The editor, who I am connected to on Facebook via a mutual acquaintance, was calling for wives and moms to nominate their huzzies for the annual "Hot and Cool Dads" issue.

Of course, Hubby made it. Because, as we all know, he IS hot and cool and because I ever-so-eloquently promoted the heck out of him in my nomination email. (See article for what I wrote, almost verbatim. It's all true. Lucky me, huh?)

A local photographer came by the house a week or two ago to take his pic and he is featured on page 14, right below Sacramento's version of Eminem. (No contest there, in my opinion.)

By some funny coinkydink that illustrates just how small of a town Sacramento is, a fellow local mommy-blogger-photographer, Kim from "Yep, they are all mine", nominated her husband, Todd, who was featured a commendable three times in the mag. Further cow-town coinkidinkiness is that Kim is one of Hubby's sisters' good friends.

I mean, like, SERIOUSLY!? How awesome are we? We are legends in our own lunchbox around here lately. I'm integrating into Hollywood's teen vamp scene, Hubby has been featured as smokin' hot in a local mag, and we're "connected" to other local celebrities.

I can barely stand the excitement.

See the full issue of Kidaround magazine here. If you're local, you can pick up the magazine for free at many Sacramento retail establishments. And yes, we will sign it if you ask.


e said...

Squeeeee! Wow, how fun! I do remember you mentioning a few hints of this, how fun and awesome. He is sexy and cool, so of course he made the spread. Keep a copy for me, will you? I want an actual paper one.

Mala said...!!!

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