Thursday, September 16, 2010

The new chair

The new chair
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On Tuesday, I bought a new chair. Finally.

After being incredibly attached to the tangerine-colored chair I lobbied so hard for with the matriarch of the company I used to work for, it was hard to let go. But let go I had to - the thing was murdering my back, butt, and shoulders. The only days I would experience back pain would be the days I sat on it. So it had to go.

I've been sitting on chairs in office supply stores for a few months and watching sales for the ones I liked. Finally, Office Depot reduced this one from $100+ to only $79.99. Turns out, it's the best $80 I've spent in a while.

So far, old pain... gone. I mean, like, gone-gone. I don't mean less I mean non existent. It's crazy amazing. If I'd known the chair had this much bearing on my day before, I would have done it sooner but honestly I was skeptical. Sure, I knew the old chair was not HELPING but I didn't really lay enough blame at its door, as it goes.

The funny thing is, I haven't even got it set right yet. It's too low, the desk is too high, and the laptop is at the wrong angle on the table. Turns out, it doesn't matter. It was the chair all this time.

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e said...

Man, sometimes it's the simplest shit. It just takes so much damn time to figure out what it is sometimes. Grrr. Well, this is certainly fantastic news, I love that this is making such a difference. I am jumping up and down (metaphorically, because of course I'm on my couch) with joy. Woo hooo!!! Pain pain go away don't come back another day.

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