Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A beach is a beach by any other temperature (Monterey Trip - Part Two: 17 Mile Drive and Carmel)

Monterey Sept 2010 117

Day two of our Monterey trip began with a late wake-up. Whoooah! Daisy slept 12 hours. We were floored. Well, actually, we stayed very nicely tucked up in our bed, thankyouverymuch, but we were very surprised. We haven't been in bed at 8am in a loooong time. Good timing Missy!

Since we had those free passes to the aquarium, we did head over there again. But first, we wanted breakfast and figured we'd stroll the adjacent Cannery Row until we hit the first restaurant serving eggs and bacon. We're big breakfast fans and we love trying new places when we're away.

And so we strolled.

And we strolled.

And we reached the end of Cannery Row.

No breakfast.

That's right. You read me correctly. Not a single one of all those yummy Cannery Row restaurants was serving breakfast. Given the number of other families who seemed to be coming to the same befuddled conclusion, its a major issue and missed opportunity by these establishments. Wow.

So, we ended up in a little bakery right across the street, that advertised "Breakfast Sandwiches" in their window. Turns out, it was a major SCORE. The sandwiches were delicious and you can see Daisy enjoying them on her blog here.

Still, miffed about the breakfast issue.

After the aquarium, Daisy took a well-deserved 90 minute nap back at the hotel room, while we took a break from chasing her around. Then, rested and ready-to-go again, we got in the car to "do" 17-Mile Drive.

Unfortunately, the weather was as gray as gray could be and so photos came out dreary to say the least. With a little bit of tweaky-tweaky here and there, however, these became my favorites:

Monterey Sept 2010 122

Monterey Sept 2010 126

Monterey Sept 2010 124

Monterey Sept 2010 130

Out the other side, we were in Carmel by the Sea, where we promptly hit the nearest bakery for cookies and coffee. The sunshine also decided to peek through as we walked up and down Ocean Avenue, the main shopping drag.

Monterey Sept 2010 138

Monterey Sept 2010 141

Monterey Sept 2010 160

Monterey Sept 2010 172

Monterey Sept 2010 167

Oh, and there was this cool boot and shoe store. All the footwear was hand-embroidered with the most beautiful colors. I wouldn't wear any of it but the store sure looked great.

Monterey Sept 2010 146

Monterey Sept 2010 151

And then, despite the ever-looming marine-layer, twas to the beach we went. Daisy had been pointing at the ocean and white stuff from the car all afternoon, screaming "BEACH! BEACH!" and so we could not disappoint. Although, neither did she. She had the time of her life on the sand with her toys, although she got a little too close to the water at one point and they got washed-out to sea. You can blame Mama for paying more attention to her camera than the tide and Daddy for being engrossed in Daisy-play.

Monterey Sept 2010 229

Monterey Sept 2010 224

Monterey Sept 2010 208

After getting wet and shivvering herself half-to-death, we wrapped her up in one of Mumma's sweaters (because, being great parents, we'd forgotten a towel) and shipped her back to the car where, thankfully, I had remembered a change of clothes.

Monterey Sept 2010 263

Monterey Sept 2010 274

The next morning we did find breakfast here

Monterey Sept 2010 298

And so ended our quick getaway to the bay. Fun times.

Monterey Sept 2010 319


e said...

Great pics, as always. I don't know if you made the connection, but Where The Sidewalk Ends is the title of the book of poems by Shel Silverstein where he has our favorite one.

MsRantyPants Herself said...

@e - I didn't make the connection at the time no. I love his stuff.

Mala said...

Beautiful pictures Michelle!

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