Monday, September 27, 2010

Janet in the City - SF days 2 and 3

As you know if you read the previous post, I spent the weekend in San Francisco with Daisy, my parents, and my Aunt and Uncle who are in from Blighty. (Hubby stayed home, cleaned house and put the closet doors up. I LOVE HIM!)

It was my Aunt's first time in SF and so we took her to all the usual haunts.

Union Square

San Fran_09252010 013

San Fran_09252010 005

China Town

San Fran_09252010 023

San Fran_09252010 037

Fisherman's Wharf

San Fran_09252010 090-2

The Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco 09262010 011

While juggling the jobs of tour-guide and mum, I did manage to stop once in a while to capture some pics of things that caught my interest...

Fruit on steroids (Pier 39)

San Fran_09252010 056

Colors and Clutter (Chinatown)
Who is stuck with the task of putting this all out and then away every day? Nighmare!

San Fran_09252010 029

A little European
I've always wanted a Vespa And a flirty little scarf for around my neck as I fly around the city to go with it. Ahhh...soooooooooo European.

San Fran_09252010 017

Honesty as a sales tactic

San Fran_09252010 109

Mr. Binoculars
Can't help but see a face on that little machine

San Francisco 09262010 028

Rolling fog
Even on a clear and sweltering hot day, the fog flocks to the Golden Gate Bridge like a moth to a flame.

San Francisco 09262010 006

And finally, just a sweet snapshot of Daisy and her Nanny at the Golden Gate bridge

San Francisco 09262010 017

If you want to see all the pics I took that are worth sharing, you can click here.

Some are better than others. It wasn't the kind of trip for playing fiddle-diddle with my camera. Enjoy!

(p.s. Elena - there are a couple in there, especially for you.)


e said...

Really? They weren't ALL for me? Mmh. Weird. Ok, kidding aside, what a fun trip. I love the colors, of course, and also the face on the binoculars and the homeless guy. Great captures. What super fun!! I want to walk across the golden gate next time I visit, no matter what the weather. Unless, of course, it's rainy or cold or foggy or cloudy or windy. LOL. No, just kidding. NO MATTER WHAT. You in?

Kimberly {Yep, they are all mine} said...

LOVE the fruit pic! And the binoculars. And Nanny and Daisy and the Golden Gate. So fun....:)

MsRantyPants Herself said...

@e - I want to do a photo trip with you to SF, for sure. No Daisy. Just you, me, and our cameras.

Sarah said...

Stumbled upon your blog from another blog. Love the San Francisco photos. I also live in Sacto with a 15 month old girl so feel like some of your stories are my own. :) Just got a Canon Rebel T1i and have no idea where to begin. Would love to hear how you got started and if you have any classes you can recommend in our area!

MsRantyPants Herself said...

@Sarah - I'd love to share kid stories and photography tips. I'm also part of a large community of moms with kids around 18 months - 2 years. Email me at

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